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All members of Yampa Valley Electric Association are eligible for rebates!


Keep these requirements in mind:


  • You must currently receive electric service from YVEA.
  • You must be 18 or over.
  • As of January 1, 2018 rebates must be submitted within 90 days from purchase.
  • Valid receipt/invoice is required with submission of application. Application will not be processed if receipt/invoice is not included.
  • Submission of applications does not guarantee a full rebate.
  • Rebates are on a first come, first served basis.
  • All information must be included to process the application.


Rebates are available now for the following

Purchases and Services:


LED Lighting:

  • LED Replacement Bulbs for Interior Lighting (Incandescent Replacements  -  up to $10/bulb; 10 bulb max. per year)


Important notice about recycling fluorescent light bulbs:

Remember when upgrading to new energy-saving, long-lasting LED bulbs that old fluorescent bulbs and tubes need to be recycled properly since fluorescent lights contain a small amount of mercury. The YVEA office in Steamboat Springs accepts all residential fluorescent bulbs for free for proper recycling to capture the mercury. Please note that this program is for residential light bulbs only; no fluorescent lighting tubes of any size or shape will be accepted. Fluorescent tubes will be accepted at the Yampa Valley Sustainability Council community recycling day. Businesses needing to recycle fluorescent lights can contact Brite Ideas Bulb Recycling at 970-290-3379 or to arrange a pick up.


EnergyStar® Appliances (only valid with verified disposal of old unit):

Rebates for new Energy Star appliances are only valid with verified proper disposal of old unit.  Donating or giving your old appliance away does not constitute valid recycling of the appliance.

  • Dishwasher ($50 Rebate)
  • Clothes Washer ($50 Rebate)
  • Refrigerator ($90 Rebate) – full-sized units
  • Freezer ($80 Rebate) – full-sized units


Certified Energy Audits (Must Use Certified Auditor-see resources):

  • Walk-through and Visual Inspections (Full Energy Audit $150 Rebate)
  • If you have YVEA and Atmos (primary home heating) you may be eligible for a free energy audit.
  • Infrared Camera Tests (Full Energy Audit $150 Rebate)
  • Blower-door Tests including for new construction ($75 Rebate)
  • Air Sealing Service after any Certified Energy Audit (up to $100 for supplies for DIY work, up to $200 max. for supplies/labor performed by air sealing/weatherization professional vendor)


Heat Tape Timer (Electrician installed):

$75 rebate after an energy audit, must be permanently installed by an electrician. Recommended setting for hourly timers (not including advanced timers with thermostats) is for heat tape to run from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. to be the most effective.


Programmable Thermostats (Two per house hold max. per year):

  • Electric Homes ($50 Rebate)
  • ($50 Rebate per thermostat for up to 2 thermostats) Important note, most electric baseboard heating involves line voltage thermostats, so these should be installed by a licensed professional electrician.


Commercial building energy audit:

$200 rebate on service (rebate funding is first come, first served for 10 commercial buildings per year)


What do I need to have handy to begin the rebate process?


Have the following ready when filling out your rebate:


  • Have your 10 digit YVEA Account Number
  • Have your service and billing address handy
  • Have a copy of your receipt(s) handy
  • You will need a smart phone, digital camera, iPad or scanner to submit an image of your receipt.  (You may also submit receipts from vendors if saved in PDF or JPEG formats.)
  • You may need the name of your energy auditor or audit company.


This annual energy efficiency program is made possible through funding from YVEA and the City of Steamboat Springs and Alpine Bank, with educational and staff support from the nonprofit organization Yampa Valley Sustainability Council.


For a list of regional vendors and contractors for energy efficiency work and supplies, Click here


To become a sustaining partner and financial contributor to support the Cen$ible Energy® rebate program, please contact .


Helpful information on saving energy at your home or business can be found at: or