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Welcome to Cen$ible Energy®, an energy-efficiency rebate program available to Yampa Valley Electric Association residential and small business members (customers).The program helps customers take sensible and practical steps to help save energy and lower electricity bills.


Rebates are designed for existing residential customers and small businesses to upgrade from old inefficient lighting and high energy use appliances to LED lighting and Energy Star rated appliances.






Launched in March 2015, the rebate program currently covers:


  • LED lights (up to 10 lights per electric member per year) Maximum $100 per YVEA member per year
  • Energy Star appliances (for dishwasher, clothes washer, refrigerator, freezer)
  • Programmable thermostats (natural gas or electric) Rebate $20/gas and $50/electric per thermostat, maximum $100 total
  • Energy audits (full or partial) *Limited to one per residential or small business address
  • Air sealing (weatherization, post-audit air sealing)
  • Heat tape timer ($75 rebate post audit, hard-wired by electrician)


           In Spanish:

  • Rebate applications in Spanish are available by contacting YVEA at 879-1160 or YVSC at 871-9299.

           En Español:

  • Postulaciones para descuentos están disponibles en Español.
    Por favor contacte YVEA al 879-1160.


Save your receipts and fill out our simple rebate application forms now to apply for your rebate savings. Electronic submission is preferred. Program information and requirements are explained on the rebate applications. Rebates are available on a first-come, first-serve basis as funding lasts each year, with a $500 maximum rebate per electric customer annually.


Although we encourage using our online forms, we have provided PDF Downloads at this link, to print and drop off your completed rebate at your local YVEA.